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Who are Lumien Partners? 

Our Lumien Partners are trusted wellbeing providers, training experts and consultants who deliver mental health, wellbeing and training to organisations. They are usually trained professionals ranging from specialists in the delivery of interventions to trusted advisors supporting the planning of mental health and wellbeing strategies. 

Why you should join our Lumien Partner Network…. 

Differentiate yourself 

By using the Lumien platform you can evidence the mental health temperature within your clients organisation. This will allow you to identify key areas for intervention delivery ahead of your competitors

Prove ROI

Lumien will enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions and build your delivery strategy with the client using evidence-based data in terms of time and value. With the ability to increase revenue per client and evidence to enable client retention you can provide even more value than ever before.

Revenue and rewards

We value working with our Partners and in return for your introductions you’ll gain a number of financial, marketing, sales enablement and technical rewards depending on your partner level

Portal access

You will have access to your own Portal providing an overview of your clients’ activity, delivery strategies, anonymised survey results, marketing assets and more. All these additional tools will support you in the implementation of profitable intervention delivery

Maximise opportunities  

By collaborating and sharing resources, knowledge and experience within the Lumien Partner network you can win new business and increase the revenue within existing clients

Gain creditability

Working with the Lumien team you will have access to key data insights and be first to know about latest trends and innovation of the platform

Marketing assets 

You will have access to a range of marketing materials which can be cobranded. This allows you to market your services without any of the overheads of having materials designed and created! Work with us for a set amount of time and we’ll even print these for you!

Partner with Lumien

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