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Survey tool 

We enable you to ask employees different questions every month. We don’t like long surveys though, so ours takes less than 2 minutes of employee’s time! It’s easy to set up as we give organisations everything they need to run the anonymised survey. Over a 12 month period an organisation can track the trends and impact of mental health and wellbeing within the company, setting their own bespoke survey questions to fit around their business if required. 

Productivity outcomes 

From our user-friendly surveys we use our evidence-based research to generate reports to demonstrate where money is being spent on absenteeism and presenteeism. The impact of poor mental health and wellbeing has a direct result on productivity and we’ll be able to show you where it’s costing you the most.  

Return-on-Investment calculations 

When implementing initiatives or interventions Lumien allows you to compare and track results. ROI can be evidenced through reduced absenteeism and improved productivity rates within the organisation and can drill down to departmental level if required. Never before has it been this easy to strategically invest in the right initiatives when it comes to the mental health and wellbeing of employees.   

Trends and predictions  

Over time you can calculate the effect on your organisation that certain business decisions will have. Lumien uses advanced machine learning tools to predict future trends and show cost calculations through specific actions. For example, you will be able to predict the liklehood of staff turnover through absenteeism as trends are built from the survey data. 

Mental Health Planner 

Our Planner will help you with task reminders, progress reviews and useful tools to manage the delivery of your strategic mental health and wellbeing programmes. We can customise content for an organisation and tailor it based on your survey results.    


Receive recommendations both from Lumien itself, and from any external partners. Action plans can be created from this so you can receive relevant reminders through the Planner and review progress. 


We recognise the need for integration with existing HR systems, external schemes or provider tools and can accommodate this within the Lumien platform. We will work with you to deliver the best platform suited to your needs. 

Employee Portal

Every employee has access to a support area to view the survey results, recommendations, the organisations action plan together with access to intervention material and resources. With the ability to provide anonymous feedback all staff are encouraged to recognise the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Top Tips 

Working with senior medical advisors we can produce ‘Top Tips’ based on a company’s survey results to support employees. Either printed as handy cards or added online, employees have access to invaluable information to support their wellbeing

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