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FREE mental health analytics platform.

Understand the impact mental health has on productivity across your organisation by registering for your free trial.

Try our FREE staff survey and get a report on your workplace mental health score. We’ll supply the survey and analyse the results for you, so that you can decide if any further interventions are needed.

Your free report will indicate the impact of mental health has across your organisation focusing on 5 key areas including:

• Stress

• Engagement

• Cognition

• Distraction

• Sleep


Please note that to participate in our offer your organisation must have at least 50 employees. This is to ensure the anonymity of responses.

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Find out if you are losing productivity due to employee mental health. Real time data measurement of distraction, cognition, engagement, sleep and stress. Our FREE report will demonstrate the cost to your organisation!

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Our Lumien Champions events offer many opportunities for collaboration and partnership for wellbeing providers to talk to like-minded professionals in the field!

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We have recently published a #mentalhealth guide, featuring;

- Definitions of mental health problems with interesting case studies

- How you can manage workplace mental health in your organisation

Get yours here:

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