Stressors in the workplace come in all shapes and sizes and, while the contents of your lunchbox aren’t going to take away looming deadlines, making healthier choices throughout the day can reduce the effects that they have on your mood and prevent them from damaging your mental health.

Like many things in life, the key to making healthy decisions more often, and sticking to them, is planning. For example, spending some time planning what food you’re going to eat at work can help you save money, avoid hunger throughout the day, and introduce variety into your lunches and snacks. Planning exercise into your daily schedule can also help improve fitness without having to make the commitment to a gym membership.

To make the transition easier, we’ve pulled together some ideas for how to make your workday healthier:

Homemade smoothies

Fruit juice may seem like a healthy option, but bottles or cartons of fruit juice often contain huge amounts of sugar which, as well as contributing to weight gain, will result in a “sugar crash”. For a more sustainable energy boost, swap the fruit juice for a homemade fruit or vegetable smoothie.

Take a walk

Going for a walk at lunchtime is a great way of introducing some exercise into a busy daily routine, getting some fresh air and getting away from the office or shop floor.

Keep Hydrated

It’s easy to forget to drink water during the day. Keeping a bottle on your desk, or near where you work, can remind you to stay hydrated and prevent tiredness.

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