Whether it’s irrelevant emails, WhatsApp group chats, or co-workers that just won’t stop talking, distractions are a well-established cause of reduced productivity and frustration in the workplace.

Research shows that talkative co-workers, emails, and mobile phones are the three leading causes of distraction in UK workplaces, affecting nearly half of all employees. As well as making you more productive, learning how to combat these distractions can improve your ability to do your job, make the workplace safer, and increase your job satisfaction. Put simply, a less distracted you is a happier you.

To make it easier for you to get started with this, we’ve pulled together Lumien’s top 5 tips for avoiding distraction in the workplace:

Switch off notifications from all non-essential apps on your mobile phone at work.

This means you won’t miss an important phone call, but also won’t be tempted by nudges or reminders from social media apps or games.

Make a list of tasks that you’d like to achieve in the next week, day, or hour and tick them when they’re done

This can help you stay focussed on the important tasks and allows you to track your progress.

If your workplace allows it, consider wearing headphones when doing work that requires you to concentrate.

As well as eliminating background noise, this often acts as a polite indicator to colleagues that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Only include relevant people in emails.

By only CC-ing colleagues that need to see the email, you can remove unnecessary distractions for the rest of your workplace and champion good office email etiquette.

Set time aside for breaks and make sure you take them.

 Having regular breaks allows you to respond to emails, reply to texts, check Facebook, and chat to colleagues without interrupting what you’re working on, ensuring you stay productive and don’t miss out on anything important.

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