Understand the temperature of Mental Health across your organisation.

Lumien is the Mental Health analytics software for your organisation. It allows you to support your staff by building a positive Mental Health strategy that makes a real difference to the lives of your staff, and your organisation.

Improve mental health in your organisation

Looking after the mental health of your staff is vital to creating a happy, healthy organisation.
With Lumien, you are able to build a positive mental health strategy that is
effective for your staff, whilst keeping their data safe and secure.

Gather insights

Lumien provides an overview of the mental health of your staff, allowing you to identify issues within your organisation. All data gathered is anonymous so your staff are always protected.  

Support your staff

Lumien recommends the best steps for you to take that will support your staff, so that you can ensure your mental health activities have a positive benefit.

Build your mental health strategy

Lumien actively learns about your organisation and can predict where poor mental health issues may occur, supporting you in building a preventative mental health strategy.

Measure the benefits

Lumien’s inbuilt analytics shows trends for the mental health of your employees across multiple demographics, whilst calculating the return on investment of your spend on tackling mental health.

Lumien analyses the cost & impact of mental health in the workplace and gives you the tools to support your staff.

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